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Practise Areas


Facilitate access to the general public to work conducted by the MIICT and its members, through news updates, publications and research which could potentially create an interest and encourage individuals to join the MIICT as volunteer contributors and to generate local interest in research, as well as to foster a local network of R&D excellence.

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The organisation seeks to promote participation in learning and research activities that aim to tackle societal problems and help individuals with innovative ideas to develop their scientific knowledge or concepts with a view to improving socially-beneficial technologies.

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  • Science


Digital arts have become an important element of the new media arts and of arts in general. MIICT shall be encouraging individuals to use digital technology creatively and productively. Digital arts have become an essential element in design, filmmaking and advertising.

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  • Design 

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  • Film-making 


MIICT acts as a vehicle through which it communicates as well as publish research on hate speech and cyber bullying in line with its research agenda. In doing so, it would also be educating the general public, informing policy makers and creating awareness on these issues.

  • Hate Speech 

  • Bullying 


MIICT aims to help interested bodies in analysing the market to understand how technological advances can help to improve our daily lives. The skill set and the resources that MIICT has makes it easy to access industry, market and technology reports and economic insights—all key to helping interested bodies anticipate and respond to existing conditions.

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